Wholesale Micro USB OTG Cable with Power Supply

This Micro USB OTG Cable with Power Supply, provided by Hinsung Electronics(http://www.hinsung.com) , can transfer photos, videos, documents and other data between your mobile device and the external memory, such as USB flash disk, USB hard disk.

The standard USB Micro-B HOST Cable, which is well compatible with current USB specifications, can be used for Samsung S2 i9100 S3 i9300 i9220 9250 XOOM A500 etc..
Micro USB OTG Cable with Power Supply

Micro USB OTG Cable with Power Supply

The USB A type male connector for Power charge, can charge the extral USB device, like USB flash disk, USB hard disk, but it cannot charge the phone or tablet.

With the Micro USB OTG cable with power supply, your mobile devices can be charged when it is connected to computers. It creates a simple way to connect mobile devices with a USB capable computer for tasks such as data synchronization and file transfer.

Please make sure that your mobile supports USB host OTG function when you use this micro USB OTG cable. In the end, Hinsung reminds you that the disk format must be FAT32 if you connect USB flash disk or USB hard disk.