VGA Splitter 4 Port

The VGA Splitter 4 Port is perfectly suitable for test bench facilities, data centers, help desks, video broadcasting, presentations, stock quotes, timetables, educational facilities and so on.

VGA Splitter 4 Port

VGA Splitter 4 Port – Video Splitter

Features of the 4 port VGA Splitter:
1. Broadcasts your PC monitor displays on four monitors up to 210 feet (64 m) away.
2. Distributes on-line information to workstations on a factory floor while maintaining your CPU in a separate room.
3. Automatic power-save function for situations when the VGA signal is lost.
4. Cascades units to increase VGA outputs to connect more monitors.
5. Provides clear, sharp images whether you’re using VGA, Super VGA (SVGA), or multisync monitors.
Applications of the 4 port VGA Splitter:
The 4 port VGA splitter takes the computer’s VGA singal and displays it on 4 analog monitors. It is compatible with 95% of the monitor on the market and enables up to 64 monitors to share the information of a host computer simultaneously.
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