MHL&OTG Adapter Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note2/Note3/S3/S4/S5

With this MHL&OTG Adapter cable, you can connect Samsung Galaxy Note2/Note3/S3/S4/S5 to HDTV to enjoy the high-definition screen. The MHL&OTG adapter can also be connected to USB disk, mouse, keyboard, etc..

MHL&OTG Adapter

MHL&OTG Adapter

1. Interface: MHL 2.0
2. Input connector: Micro USB (11-pin / male)
3. Output connector: HDMI (female)
4. Input connector: USB 2.0 (female)
5. Input connector: micro USB (female / for charging)
6. Power: 5V DC
7. Signal Output: 1080p



1. Support read SD/TF/M2 memory cards
2. Support MHL to HDMI output to HDTV
3. Support audio transfer up to 192KHz
4. Easy to use, no driver needed

The MHL&OTG Adapter is suitable for the Android platform (Android) built-in MHL chip product launch, which can support for the following models:
– for Galaxy Note2: N7100
– for Galaxy S3: i9300 i939 i9308 i9305
– for Galaxy S4: i9500 i9505, i9508 (not support: i9502 i959)
– for Galaxy Note3
– for Galaxy S5

Are you interested in this MHL&OTG Adapter Cable? Welcome to contact hinsung if you like this product.


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