MHL HDTV Adapte – Micro USB to HDMI

The MHL HDTV Adapter will connect directly to your MHL-enabled mobile phone with a Micro USB input to create an HDMI docking station. Then, connect a standard HDMI cable for easy connectivity to home theater or monitor. Share your videos, photos and more on your HDTV!

MHL HDTV Adapter

MHL HDTV Adapter-Micro USB to HDMI

What are the features of this MHL HDTV adapter?
1. The ferrite core provided reduces electro-magnetic interference from connected 1 devices.
2. It will support up to 1080p video with up to 7.1-Channel digital audio while providing power to the mobile device.

3. It also supports 3D video and HDCP media protection.

The MHL Adapter can be used to convert a Micro USB B port to an HDMI connection on MHL enabled devices. With this MHL HDTV adapter, you can watch High Definition movies, view photos, play games, and surf the web while also viewing the content on your TV.

Note: A USB power cable must be connected to power the adapter which will also allow charging the phone or tablet.

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