High Speed HDMI Cable for 3D

This HDMI 1.4V cable supports 3D technology with compatible Blu-Ray Players, satellite boxes, PCs, 3D monitors and 3D televisions etc., laying the foundation for real 3D gaming and 3D home theaters.

High Speed HDMI Cable for 3D

Flat High Speed HDMI Cable for 3D

High speed HDMI Cable

Flat Colorful HDMI Cable – A Male to A Male

With unique flat design, this HDMI cable allows copper conductors farther apart than round cable designs and reduces cross-talk.

The flat HDMI cable supports all resolutions up to 4K x 2K including 1080p, and Deep Color Support includes 48 bit, 36 bit, 30 bit, 24 bit. It is very useful in high speed signal transfer for the above equipments.

This flat HDMI cable can be used for Set Top Box, HDTV/DVD player, home theater, business class projector, and so on. It also affords connection between AV or audio to video monitor.

Want to know more information about this HDMI cable? Please click here to visit our product page.


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