VGA+L/R Audio to HDMI Converter

VGA + Audio to HDMI converter

VGA+L/R Audio to HDMI Converter

This VGA+L/R Audio to HDMI Converter converts an analog VGA signal and audio input to an HDMI format allowing the switching of a digital AV signal on an HDMI system.

What are the Features of VGA+Audio to HDMI Converter?
1. Convert VGA and stereo audio signal to HDMI 1080p signal.
2. Compatible with HDMI 1.3 standard.
3. Reduce the noise and not produce stains at the same time.
4. Eeffectively eliminate dithering and trailing phenomenon of fast moving picture.
5. Easily to use when connecting your PC and HDTV.

The VGA and audio to HDMI converter can show movies, images and other media from your computer to your HDTV, and create a full digital video and digital audio experience.


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